Imago is vividly inspired by ‘free association’

It is a crowded, circular ballroom
where random images are invited to gather,
even a witch and a dancing cat
a D major gentleman greets guests and the celebration begins..

Poems, funny hats, any kind of stories,
sober ears stand disappointed at the corner of common sense
“time to leave,” they say..

B minor.
Curtain down.
— Moira
This haunting and beautiful album makes the ancient modern and the modern timeless
— Steinway & Sons
Moira Lo Bianco is one of those players that isn’t afraid to make a program of Cobain/Gaga/Part/Satie and others under the same roof at the same time and make it all work
— Midwest Records
außergewöhnliche Pianistin
— Note 1 Music
Lo Bianco presents a distinctive way of incorporating pop compositions into a classical piano language.
The overall structure of the program is also novel.
— All Music



dear reader,

this is my story.


As a musician, I was born when I was five, when my parents gave me a toy piano for my birthday.

I can describe my life growing up in Calabria, Italy, through the music I played. It wasn’t long before I found my first loves: the keyboard music of Bach and Bartok. I learned elements from each composer - counterpoint and balance from Bach, dissonance and harshness from Bartok – that have influenced my music ever since.

I graduated Conservatory in my city with a degree in Classical Piano Performance and for 10 years, since I was a young child, I was in a folk group, singing and dancing in the traditional musical styles of Calabria. My passion for folk music grew up with me, and at Tor Vergata University in Rome, I earned my degree in Literature and Performing Arts, with a thesis in Ethnomusicology. In 2010, I studied film scoring with Oscar winner Luis Bacalov at Siena’s Accademia Chigiana and in 2011, thanks to a scholarship, I moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. Maybe because I had been playing a Boston piano for years, it felt like fate. While studying at Berklee, I had the pleasure of receiving several recognitions, including the Classical Contemporary Performance Award and I had the great pleasure of arranging and conducting the orchestra for Mulatu Astatke’s Honoris Causa concert. I graduated from Berklee after 4 semesters, in Summer 2012.

In 2013 I released my debut album 'Lunaria', I have been nominated for Jazz Artist of the Year at the 2013 Boston Music Awards and shortly after I was given the distinction of becoming a Young Steinway Artist and a Steinway Educational Partner. As an educator, I had the chance to start a workshop series called 'Improvisation for Classical Pianists', presented in partnership with Steinway & Sons and Berklee College of Music. Recently, I became faculty member at Berklee, where I also founded The Equinox Music Festival and co-directed it with Stephany Tiernan. 

As a classically-trained pianist, I want to share the idea that improvisation dates back centuries and belongs to our tradition. As a composer, I consider classical music a tremendous source of inspiration - one that is exciting and enriching outside the traditional context. These concepts led me to ‘IMAGO’, my solo album produced by Steinway & Sons label (NAXOS distribution). IMAGO was recorded on a Steinway Spirio and it was released in March 2016.

I had the pleasure to perform in venues such as Newport Jazz Festival, Roma Jazz Festival, Steinway Hall, and to collaborate with noteworthy musicians including Simon Shaheen, Marco Pignataro, Kinan Azmeh, Vittorino Naso. I believe music is a mode of dialogue and an important instrument for social change, this is why I like to dream that one day the beauty of a chord change will save the world..

- Moira



'Improvisation for Classical Pianists'

This workshop provides the opportunity for pianists with a classical background to approach improvisation. As a classically- trained pianist, I want to share the idea that improvisation dates back centuries and belongs to our tradition. Rather than reciting classical pieces, I hope that students can use this genre as a source of inspiration that is useful, exciting and enriching outside of the classical and traditional context.

photo credits Armando Grillo





by moira lo bianco

Moira Lo Bianco - piano, compositions

Steinway & Sons label

Imago — the Latin word for image or portrait — only begins to suggest the imaginative and diverse musical worlds presented here by Italian pianist and composer Moira Lo Bianco.

The music floats effortlessly between the furthest reaches of harmonic possibility, melodic development, and rhythmic impulse in characterful performances that span the perceived gap between written and unwritten music.

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by moira lo bianco

Moira Lo Bianco – piano, compositions
Bruno Råberg – double bass
Marcello Pellitteri – drums

Lunaria is a leaf that seems to be made of silk but develops a sharp stem, like it wants to protect itself from the world. Framed by the essence of the Lunaria leaf, Moira Lo Bianco’s debut album Lunaria continues the delicate story of romance wrapped in the silks of classical, jazz and middle eastern styles. 

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 calendar 2016


MARCH 1 Piano Solo Concert, 1PM, David Friend Music Hall, Boston

MARCH 11 IMAGO release worldwide

  MARCH 21 The Equinox Music Festival, Boston

APRIL 8 LP Listening Salon #1, 8PM, TBA, NY


APRIL 28 IMAGO release concert, 7PM, Steinway Hall, NY

MAY 6 LP Listening Salon #2, 8PM, TBA, NY

MAY 12-19 Residency @ Steinway Society of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

MAY 22 Piano Salon Concert TBA, Philadelphia, PA

  MAY 26 Get Classical @ Zinc Bar, 6PM, Zinc Bar, NY

MAY 27- 31 LP Listening Salon #3, Guttman College, NY

JUNE 9 IMAGO- Spirio Launch, Institute of Contemporary Art, 6.30PM, Boston



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