AUGUST 21 Alma featuring Marcello Pellitteri on percussions, official audio release on Youtube.

SEPTEMBER 3 Sarabande featuring Naseem Alatrash on cello, release on all digital platforms.

FALL 2019 Tomal Hossain’s album Graveside Bouquet release on all digital platforms.

upcoming performances

OCTOBER 27 DīōD premiere of Suite for a Steel Garden at Queens MuseumNY, 2PM and 4PM.

About dīōd: The performing duo of composers Moira Lo Bianco (piano) and Quentin Chiappetta (electronics) known as dīōd, champions the creation and performance of new works grounded in formal composition while expanding the concept of sound as musical expression. Utilizing both traditional and extended performance techniques for piano, electronics and the live manipulation of sound, dīōd is most comfortable in non-traditional settings, creating immersive works that surround an audience and turn the concert experience inside out. 



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