On November 20 at 1pm Moira will be performing at berklee college of music, feat. Sergio Krakowski on pandeiro, Fernando Brandao on flute, And a string quartet feat. Francesca Rijks, Seoyeon Im, Jennifer Frantz, Parker Ousley. 



Inspired by the principles of Abstract Art outlined by Kandinsky, Moira is currently working on 19TWELVE,  a multidisciplinary performance project that explores the interrelation of Music with Dance, Multimedia and the Visual Arts. The project feat. choreographer and dancer Megan Sipe


Moira presents the music of Chiquinha Gonzaga with a series of performances that culminate her study of Gonzaga’s work, made possible by the Berklee Faculty Fellowship grant. Next concert will be on Nov 20, at Berklee College of Music



Recently Moira has composed Alma, a bolero for piano and percussions. The piece will soundtrack  'Homenaje a mi alma', a short movie written by Irene Turri and directed by Dan Jesus-   feat. Irene Turri, Arieh Alexander and Bashir Solebo


Moira is currently composing and arranging for Rory Michelle Sullivan’s new musical Rising in Love. A concert reading will be presented in NYC in Spring 2018, feat. Moira Lo Bianco as Music Director