Violino: Marcus Viana Piano: Maria Teresa Madeira

Viva o Carnaval Música de Chiquinha Gonzaga. Pianista: Maria Teresa Madeira

Greetings from Maria Teresa Madeira

Maria Teresa Madeira, renowned Carioca pianist has recorded a lot of Chiquinha's work.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and discuss about the importance of Chiquinha in the musical scene of Brazil. Maria Teresa states that Chiquinha's sound is "specifically Carioca". Didactically, her music allows to develop important skills, like independence between L and R hand, sense of rhythm, good use of pedal, etc. Maria Teresa also shared more about her life and career, she is currently teaching at UNIRIO (University of Rio de Janeiro), she has recently released the complete work of Ernesto Nazareth, and finished her Doctorate in Music. We also discussed about her favorite repertoire including classical and popular genres.