As a musician, I was born when I was five, when my parents gave me a toy piano for my birthday. It wasn’t long before I found my first loves: the music of Bach and Bartok that have influenced me ever since. Perpetually fascinated by experimentation, I often enjoy collaborations with artists in other media and music genres. Indeed, exploration and inclusion are core goals that I have nurtured over the years spanning the older and the newer, from classical and folk, to jazz and contemporary styles. As a classically-trained pianist, I want to share that improvisation dates back centuries and belongs to our tradition. As a composer, I consider classical music a tremendous source of inspiration - one that is exciting and enriching outside the traditional context. As an educator, I would like students understand how much helpful classical skills can be, when applied to other genres. Ranging at times from spacious and melodic, to loud and frenetic, my sound continues to change, along with my life, interests and inspiration.. 

- Moira

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By Moira Lo Bianco
Imago is a crowded ballroom where random images are invited to gather, even a witch and a dancing cat, a D major gentleman greets guests and the celebration begins
poems, funny hats, any kind of stories, sober ears stand disappointed at the corner of common sense, “time to leave” they say

B minor
Curtain down
By Moira Lo Bianco
Lunaria is a leaf that seems to be made of silk but develops a sharp stem, like it wants to protect itself from the world.