1912 saw two ground-breaking revolutions in the field of the Arts: Wassily Kandinsky published his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Rudolf Steiner gave the first indications of the movement art of Eurythmy.  

19TWELVE is a multidisciplinary performance project that explores the interrelation of Eurythmy with Music, the Spoken Word, Multimedia and the Visual Arts based on the principles of Abstract Art outlined by Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandinsky- Composition 8 (1923)

Wassily Kandinsky- Composition 8 (1923)


About Eurythmy 

Eurythmy is an Art of Movement and of Forms which seeks to sculpt the space around the moving human being. With the creative laws of space and of non-linear time as working elements, eurythmists move between two centers of gravity: the human heart and the plane at infinity. 


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Gabrielle Armenier

Born in France in 1989, Gabrielle Armenier spent her early childhood in France, Australia and England before moving to California at the age of 11. Graduated from the Eurythmy training in Spring Valley, NY (2012), she received her Bachelor in Pedagogical Eurythmy from Den Norske Eurytmihoyskole, Oslo (2013) and her Master’s in Pedagogical Eurythmy from the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, Germany (2014). She is currently working on developing projects which integrate the movement art of Eurythmy in both professional and educational environments.



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moira lo bianco

Italian born composer, pianist and educator Moira Lo Bianco graduated Conservatory in Classical Piano Performance and later completed her Bachelor of Arts at The University of Tor Vergata in Rome. She further pursued her studies at Berklee College of Music where she now sits on the piano faculty. In 2013 she released her debut album 'Lunaria'- featuring bass player Bruno Raberg and drummer Marcello Pellitteri- followed by 'IMAGO' - a solo work produced by Steinway- in 2016. She also started a workshop series called 'Improvisation for Classical pianists' with the aim of pianists to approach improvisation using the classical repertoire as source material. Perpetually fascinated by experimentation, Moira enjoys collaborations with artists in other media and music styles.