Inspired by the principles of Abstract Art outlined by Kandinsky, Moira is currently working on 19TWELVE,  a multidisciplinary performance project that explores the interrelation of Music with Dance, Multimedia and the Visual Arts.


Moira presents the music of Chiquinha Gonzaga with a series of performances that culminate her study of Gonzaga’s work, made possible by the Berklee Faculty Fellowship grant. Next concerts: July 13, 2017 in NYC, Nov 19- Nov 20, 2017 in Boston.


Recently Moira has composed Alma, a bolero for piano and percussions. The piece will soundtrack  'Omaje', a short movie written by Irene Turri and directed by Dan Jesus-   feat. Irene Turri, Arieh Alexander and Bashir Solebo.


Moira will be arranging for Rory Michelle Sullivan’s new musical Rising in Love. A concert reading will be presented in NYC in Spring 2018, feat. Moira Lo Bianco as Music Director.